Dru Felon – Check

Dru Felon – Check:

Drew Fellin is an American rapper from Orlando, FL that goes by the stage name of Dru Felon. Although Dru Felon was raised in Orlando, FL he was born in Washington D.C. and when he was only 11 years old his parents separated so he lived with his mother until the age of 14 then he was later raised by his father. Throughout his teenage years he started selling crack at a very young age where he was later caught and had to serve 18 months in jail as a teenager. He later begin rapping and writing his own lyrics. While starting off as a young artist Dru Felon has been in trouble with the law throughout his hold life and has been to prison 3 times. Dru Felon has been making noise in Central Florida for quite some time now. He has done many shows throughout his career to continue his buzz in the streets. He later partnered up with Jackpot South Music Group which is owned by two first cousins and now have started working on building his image as a great artist, which he can’t wait for the world to hear his rise from the streets to success.