donSMITH – #whoisdonSMITH: VOL I

donSMITH - #whoisdonSMITH: VOL I

donSMITH – #whoisdonSMITH: VOL I:

We were excited to reach out with donSMITH’s new work since it is a niche-sound that isn’t accomplished too well in the modern industry. donSMITH’s new mixtape is something the east coast hip-hop culture that has been missing for more than a decade.

“whoisdonSMITH: VOL I” embodies the spirit of early 2000’s NY mixtape culture: hosted by a DJ, with exciting tags and bombs being dropped over each track, captivating features, and NY influenced production. 9 songs that flow seamlessly into each other, wrapping up at about 26 mins.

donSMITH has released several full length works, featured on blogs and forums, such as VerumNYC as well as he has toured the midwest to perform such works. With a new album in the works, featuring collaborations with other successful independent artists such as Mick Jenkins, Flo Kennedy, STLN DRUMS & more, there are more highlights to be made this year for the 25 year old MC/producer.