Don Afric – bezos

Don Afric presents: “Bezos”.

February 2023 – Don Afric, born Oussama ESSEDDYQ, makes music that is very dynamic combination of genres and influences, and listeners can always expect some edgy and unique vibes. He is also able to sing in 5 different languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Dutch. This brings a truly international vibe to his music! 

The most recent release, “Bezos”, is a perfect example of what Don Afric has to offer. The new work combines the hard-hitting punch of modern hip-hop with some incredible melodies, while portraying Don Afric’s personality in a very eloquent way through amazing lyrics and melodic consciousness in the songwriting process.

“Bezos”, which is a perfect introduction to Don Afric’s music, is highly recommended to people who enjoy artists such as Drake, J. Cole, and Kid Cudi, among others. The passion that drives the performance is absolutely top notch and the overall production brings clarity to the sound, as well as a huge range that makes the vibrancy of the composition amazing.

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