D’Melleux feat. livm svnko – Motions

D'Melleux feat. livm svnko - Motions

D’Melleux introducing brand new release, Motions featuring. livm svnko.

November 2020 – D’Melleux is an artist with a strong focus on creating modern, fun and forward-thinking R&B music for the next generation of listeners. He created a fantastic and innovative sound that combines old-school influences with fresh, new creative ideas that make his art stand out. Recently the artist actually set out to join forces with a fantastic fellow musician named livm svnko in order to release a fantastic new song titled Motions.

The result is absolutely astonishing. This track combines all you can expect from a great modern R&B song, and then some. There’s melody, depth, vibe, emotion, dark textures underneath – it’s really all about creating a fantastic atmosphere that sets the bar higher in terms of genre definitions, exploring the many possibilities of sound and enhancing the vision and focus of the collaboration with some skillfully written parts and some well-conceived melodic ideas that really suit D’Melleux and livm svnko just as well. Check this out if you are looking for your daily fix of new, amazing R&B music with a fresh contemporary sound to make it stand out.