DJKAM feat. Blvck Davinci – LIFE (Re-Edit)

DJKAM: The Swiss DJ releases a new project, LIFE (Re-Edit) feat. Blvck Davinci 

DJKAM is a swiss DJ from Zurich. His unique style could be seen as a true crossroads between various musical elements, often bringing the gaps between funk, EDM, dubstep, hip-hop, pop and a lot more.
Recently, DJKAM teamed up with the talented Blvck Davinci in order to release an exciting new project, LIFE (Re-Edit). This project has a remarkably fresh and diverse tone, which taps from both artists’ unique and diverse backgrounds, in terms of creativity and vision.

On this song, the production value definitely hits the mark, highlighting DJKAM’s ability to create diverse and multi-faceted song arrangements that never fail to impress. In addition to that, the artist has a strong focus on melodies, which interact perfectly with the pulsating groove of the beats, making for a really incredible level of synergy. Everything works as it should, and nothing’s left to chance!

Find out more about DJKAM and do not miss out on this particular project!