DiFEEt – All The Way

DiFEEt - All The Way

DiFEEt is back on the scene with a new release: All The Way.

A focused production, with some great melodies and a solid performance from the artist.

September 2020 – Is there anything better than a killer rap track, with no-frills, with just the right energy and vibe? If this is what you are into, don’t pass up on DiFEEt’s brand new release, All The Way. On this song, DiFEEt channeled influences as diverse as Tech N9, Logic and Eminem, but the artist still retains his own identity. DiFEEt is definitely not trying to emulate anyone else’s sound, as it is clear that there are many unique elements to his music. The expansive nature of the arrangement, as well as the fresh and spontaneous lyrics truly speak for themselves.

This comes highly recommended to anyone who likes quality rap music, as well as other influences. This release is also excellent on the grounds of its production, and it is definitely something worth writing home about! All The Way is a perfect introduction to DiFEEt and his songwriting style and sensibilities as an artist and creator.

Find out more about DiFEEt, and listen to All The Way, which is now available on the web’s best digital music streaming platforms.