Despina – Rise up (Andra Day Cover)

Aussie artist Despina performing live to Andra Day’s hit single “Rise Up”

Despina is an artist and songwriter based in Sydney, Australia.

Her sound is incredibly melodic and catchy, yet deep and richly nuanced. Think of her music as a blend of Adele’s emotional depth, combined with Ariana Grande’s mass-appeal!

The budding star from Down Under recently performed a beautiful live rendition of a Andra Day’s hit “Rise Up.”

This version of the song has a really anthemic quality to it, with strong hooks and lush production aesthetics, making for a big, roomy sound to rival the world’s latest chart-toppers. Despina’s touching live version of this song is equally as powerful as the original, with great hooks and astonishing vocal skills.

On this live cover, Despina’s vocals are intimate and personal, yet remarkably intuitive and easy to relate to. The song kicks off with a mellow piano-vocal arrangements, and it showcases the artist’s incredible vocal prowess. She is a really versatile vocalist with so much to offer, and this song truly stands out for it.

Find out more about Despina, and do not miss out on her live cover version of Andra Day’s “Rise Up”