Dems – A Naughty Ride

Dems is an artist who just unveiled a new studio release: A Naughty Ride.

January 2022 – This is undoubtedly an exciting time for Dems, a Nigerian artist who recently set out to start the new year by wrapping up a wonderful new studio work: A naughty Ride. This release feels like a very good introduction to what you can expect from this artist, as it is a very good mix of various influences. The edge of Afro-Soul is ever-present in his sound, but he also loves to spice things up with other influences, including hip-hop. The production is great, highlighting the artist’s willingness to make sure that his releases are just as competitive and professional as anything you’d expect coming out of the studio from a world-class recording artist.

Dems creates music in a very spontaneous way, often following the essence of his inspiration in the moment, and allowing the process to truly drive his vision, as opposed to overthinking too much. The end result is always very positive, with a great balance of quality and personality. Like a shot of espresso, this song will wake you up and give you a rush of energy!

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