Delti Becker – Somewhere in Between (Recluse)

The talented Delti Becker releases brand new single composition: Somewhere in Between.

February 2020 – Delti Becker is a music composer hailing from Ontario, Canada. He favors a minimalistic outlook on composition, relying on simple, yet emotionally-driven piano arrangements. His music is flavored with a wide variety of influences, ranging from neoclassical music, to ambient, cinematic scores and even ideas from seminal avant-garde composers such as Nils Frahm and Iceland’s Olafur Arnalds, only to mention but a few.

Delti is now back on the scene with a new single, “Somewhere In Between.” What makes the artist’s music special is the fact that the song finds strength in its minimalism, creating a stronger connection with the audience and a more outspoken emotional quality. The track is based on a piano arrangement, but it also features other elements, bringing more color and detail to the composition. Delti’s music is nuanced and eloquent, yet so still and atmospheric, almost like a story that doesn’t need the words in order for it to be told. Learn more about Delti Becker’s beautiful music, and do not miss out on “Somewhere in Between,” which is also featured on the artist’s brand new full-length album.

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