Defunkt – Mastervolt

Defunkt - Mastervolt

MASTERVOLT is the New Release for the Groundbreaking group Defunkt on ZIP RECORDS/San Francisco. Defunkt began in the early 80’s NYC Punk/Funk scene. After a 35 year touring stint with various Defunkt formations Joseph Bowie brings together the 1st Euro-based incarnation of Defunkt featuring Linley Marthe, Emma Lamadji, Jon Grandcamp, Rocco Zifarelli and Michael Lecoq. In 1980 Joe worked with Hungarian poet/lyricists Janos Gat to create the no-nonsense awareness inspiring legacy of Defunkt. Working now with artist/writer/lyricist Hilarius Hofstede Joe has written dynamic music to top his extraordinary career maintaining his aspiration to be the people’s musician of truth and awareness. “Africa Now” is a vocal cross cultural masterpiece sculpted and co-composed by singer Emma Lamadji with the music of Joe Bowie and lyrics of Hilarius Hofstede. Emma, living in Montpellier, FR, originally from Central Africa merges Afro Beat with Funk/Jazz in an incredible display of artistry. Defunkt’s Queen!