Daz Jones – Rhyme Animal

Daz Jones “Rhyme Animal” Music Video


Singer-songwriter Daz Jones was born in Philadelphia on October 21st, 1978.  His journey began at the young age of nine years old and by age eleven he was emceeing, djing creating a huge local buzz performing hip hop freestyles.  He then gained recognition from his superior djing skills at major party’s & mind blowing freestyles in philly, in 1992 his determination to learn all this to know about hip hop Daz Jones got into the art of producing tracks at the age of 15 years old with long-time friend & producer Ed Midi (a.k.a) Midi Madeoff also a Philadelphia native.

Daz Jones continued to pay his dues in the philly hip-hop scene gaining major accolades and props performing local shows with other affiliated hip hop crews in the city. A few notable highlights were in 2004 he provided production for at A Touch of Jazz Studios as well as under djing for Dj Jazzy Jeff along side with Dj Big Will aka Basix Black. In the spring of 2007 he formed his own independent label & entertainment brand called Manhole Entertainment which started another platform in his career providing top notch production, song writing, djing skills and skilful lyricism for hip hop artists and r&b artists. In Summer 2007 Daz went to Long Island, NY and produced for EPMD hit squad recording artist Rkitech that  provided verses on his album titled “I am the Rkitech” that also featured recording artists PMD & Das Efx. Daz Jones again produced tracks for Bad Boy Records recording artists G-Dep & Black Rob.

In 2008 Daz Jones formed an alliance with long time friend and philly’s dope M.C. Kareem Chappell creating the super group Population 21. Daz  Jones has also worked with super producer Chase Beatz hailing from Chicago, IL . Chase Beatz was amazed with Daz Jones work ethic which led them to form a lifetime bond and til this day Chase Beatz continues to makes dope beats.

 In 2013 Daz Jones reunites after 20 years of history link ups with long time friends Chem Czar artist/producer and Jgates a.k.a Jeffrey Chandler , C.E.O of  independent Philadelphia record label, Toolshack Records LLC where Daz Jones is President. In November 13, 2013 saw Daz Jones & Te Rythym releases the album The Puzzle and gains underground love on the interne and March 28, 2014 Daz Jones releases yet another album Public Transportation.

His latest work has gained the respect of underground diehard fans as well grabbed the attention of mainstream listeners both locally & international. The best is yet to come as this brilliant and influential super talented artist slowly leaks classic material from his vault. Daz Jones has an aura that never ceases to amaze us. In his music it’s evident he clearly shines vividly amongst the high percentage of monotonous watered down approaches to sacred temple of real hip hop music that we are experiencing now . Keep your eyes open for what Daz Jones from Philadelphia has got next and is rather determined to preserve the art of great hip hop music.