Danyelle’ – Puttin In Work

Danyelle’ brings to us ‘Puttin In Work’ which is taken from her 18 track project ‘Unstoppable’

As the founder and CEO of Denoted Poetry Ministries this young lady comes with musical history. Coming from a musical family of singers (Mother and Father), and a brother and sister who both attended Youth Performing Arts School, her passion for music couldn’t help but thrive. At age 9 she received her first musical instrument and she began strumming off key chords in an attempt to write music. These small beginning years later lead her to release her first jazz single entitled You Mean The World at the age of 16 which received a warm welcome in her home town for this newcomer. For years she would write music for other groups with the hopes of one day becoming a female Quincy Jones. But, God had another plan for her life.

At age 18 she was presented with the opportunity to sign with Motown records but soon after the project was underway heavy arguments erupted within the group she was connected to which ultimately resulted in being dropped from the label. Devastated she swore never to do music again. Years would go by before she could no longer silence the music within. Only this time it was different. God was calling her to not only write music but to preach the gospel.

Initially she began ministering inside of maximum security prison facilities more than happy to preach the gospel. However, the Lord had other plans. Upon seeing what seemed like division in worship service among the inmates she quickly noted some similarities within church services today. As a way to provide common worship ground to a diverse ethnic population she began incorporating music and spoken word into her sermons. Such went the launching of Denoted Poetry Ministries and her first full length cd titled, Wheel Of Life, in which she produced 90% of the tracks herself and dealt with real life struggles. This cd would propel her even further into the spotlight and earn her the label of an actual Recording Artist. In 2013 she released her sophomore cd entitle The Jumpoff which she describes as Jesus asking her to do just that! Stop holding on and take a leap of faith. This cd touched on a mixture of stories collected while ministering in and out of prisons as a way to tell the story from the outside and includes tracks like Use Me, a song motivated by those spiritually and mentally bound. Anybody Listening a song of encouragement for victims of sexual abuse and last but not least 2 spoken word pieces Torn Between two Lovers and No Looking Back.