Daniel Walzer – Tripglitch (Review)

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Tripglitch’ by Daniel Walzer

“Tripglitch” by Daniel Walzer is an album that embodies a journey through a kaleidoscope of soundscapes, blending the boundaries of genre with a masterful touch. Released in July 2023, this Indianapolis, Indiana-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and audio engineer showcases his breadth of musical expertise across nine tracks that are as diverse in their instrumentation as they are in their influences. Drawing from jazz, ambient pop, progressive rock, and new age, Walzer crafts an auditory experience that is both innovative and introspective.

The album’s title, “Tripglitch,” hints at the underlying theme of the project: an exploration of sonic textures and rhythmic patterns that seem to trip and glitch through time and space. Walzer’s background as a percussionist shines through in the intricate rhythmic layers that form the backbone of the album, while his skill in programming, vocals, and a wide array of instruments including the Fender Rhodes, marimba, vibraphone, and electric bass adds depth and color to the sound palette.

Each track on “Tripglitch” serves as a testament to Walzer’s versatility and creativity as a musician. The collaboration with other musicians such as Ric Hordinski, Gareth Dylan Smith, and Mark Russo, among others, introduces a rich diversity of sounds that enhance the album’s texture. From the ambient melodies and complex rhythms of tracks like “Ethereal Dusk” to the jazz-infused “Rhythmic Horizons,” the album flows seamlessly from one piece to the next, creating a cohesive yet varied listening experience.

The production quality of “Tripglitch” is impeccable, with recordings and mixes that highlight Walzer’s attention to detail and his ability to capture the essence of each instrument. The remastering of tracks originally produced in the early 2000s adds a contemporary sheen to the album while preserving the original emotional intensity and experimental spirit of the compositions.

Standout tracks such as “Celestial Mechanisms” showcase Walzer’s prowess in blending electronic elements with organic instrumentation, creating a soundscape that is both futuristic and deeply rooted in musical tradition. The inclusion of tracks composed in collaboration with Ric Hordinski adds another layer of complexity to the album, merging electronic ambience with grounded, melodic guitar work.

“Tripglitch” is not just an album; it’s an auditory expedition that challenges the listener to embrace the unexpected turns and the subtle nuances embedded within each track. Daniel Walzer’s seventh album as a leader is a culmination of his two decades of experience in the music industry, reflecting his evolution as an artist and his unyielding passion for exploring new musical territories.

In summary, “Tripglitch” is a compelling blend of genres, a testament to Daniel Walzer’s skill as a multi-instrumentalist and composer. It’s an album that demands attentive listening, rewarding audiences with its depth, intricacy, and emotive power. For those who appreciate music that transcends traditional boundaries and delves into the experimental, “Tripglitch” is a journey worth taking.