Danger Contaminated – Here’s Danger Contaminated

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Here’s Danger Contaminated’ by Danger Contaminated

Still proud to be a starving artist, along with his unmistakable voice, and unique self taught style of music video production derived from his use of nothing but various combinations of free Play store apps which he uses to demonstrate just “how much one can do with so little,” songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Danger Contaminateds karmic journey which was based off of a promise that he made to a stranger years ago to “make as much art for as many people as possible” continues despite a world turned upside down. Undeterred by poverty, pandemic, and political agenda, he continues to make his presence known, this time with his single “Here’s Danger Contaminated”.

“I try to stray away from genres… I make it a point to write each song completely different than the one before” “from what I’ve been told since its release, this song is very reminiscent of an early punk scene.. I say bullocks to that… I don’t hear it… I just hear me”