DAlcon – Fearless

Rap artist DAlcon releases the visuals for his single, “Fearless”

London-based rapper DAlcon has been making headlines with his fierce and aggressive tone, often finding inspiration from artists as diverse as Biggie Smalls, Wu Tang Clan or Eminem, only to mention a few. His sound truly blurs the lines between the tone and feel of contemporary hip-hop and the gritty warmth of the golden age of the genre, many for a diverse and forward-thinking approach.

DAlcon has a lot to say, and the eloquence and wit to say it the right way. Recently, he announced a brand new release project titled “Fearless.” This amazing new track has a powerful beat and a massive flow, going for a tight and deep sound.

Quoted by I am HipHop Magazine, “a rapper who spits with passion he is original and unique doing football kick ups while he raps too”

Find out more about DAlcon and check out this new release