Da Vinci Glow – Numb

Da Vinci Glow has recently released a brand new release: Numb

October 2021 – They say that the best artists are always the ones who are more persistent. The ones who keep hammering on, and don’t stop until they really manage to carve a space into the fabric of the modern music scene, hitting hard with the tools at their disposal: their passion, their personality, and more importantly, a bag full of amazing songs. Da Vinci Glow is a perfect example of what it means to be an artist on the edge, someone pushing forward to highlight his talent and grow his audience. His most recent release, Numb, is sure to do the trick, because it displays a very beautiful production approach, with a clear-cut sound that reveals Da Vinci Glow’s versatility. The sound strikes hard like the best melodic trap, while there is also some nuance to it, akin to some of the finest contemporary hip-hop music out there. This comes highly recommended if you like Juice WRLD, XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep and Lil Uzi Vert!

Find out more about Da Vinci Glow, and do not miss out on Numb. This release is now available on any of the best major digital streaming services and beyond.