Da Mindsetta – Retarded Swagg

Da Mindsetta has dropped his trailblazing release, “Retarded Swagg”.

The Texan-rap artist Da Mindsetta has just released his fresh new hip-hop single, “Retarded Swagg”.

The artist developed his craft while he was in the military and was based in Mississippi. He then went on to experiment with creating original beats with a Boss DR202 and he quickly mastered the technology and became a leader in the industry.

The new song, “Retarded Swagg”, kicks off with deeply distorted vocals that immediately capture the listener’s attention. Then, the killer beats start and Da Mindsetta’s unique rap flow keeps the listener hooked for the entire track. The lyrical composition is so nuanced that it will take more than one play to soak up all the details!

The professional music video for the release features striking images of the artist’s charismatic performance. This is interspersed with captivating scenes from a video game, giving the whole release a dynamic feel.

In his music, Da Mindsetta is inspired by a number of iconic rappers in the scene, including Biggie Smalls, Snoop Dogg, and Tu-Pac, to mention but a few. If you enjoy the likes of these artists then you’ll definitely love Da Mindsetta’s new single!

Check out the music video for “Retarded Swagg” at the link below!

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