Da Mindsetta – Milkshake Radio

Da Mindsetta has recently dropped an exciting new release, Milkshake Radio.

July 2022 – Today, there is a really wide range of songs being released on a daily basis, and one of the most interesting aspects of modern music might actually be the fact that genre definitions do not matter as much as they used to.

This can be quite intriguing because it affords artists like Da Mindsetta the possibility to expand their creative horizons and come up with something unique and one-of-a-kind. This is most definitely what he managed to accomplish on his most recent studio work, Milkshake Radio.

This song is surprising in the way that it combines such a wide array of styles, all the while still retaining a very memorable and catchy sound. This release will be right up your alley if you enjoy the work of artists like Lil Wayne, Juicey J, Future, and Joey Bada$$.

Find out more about Da Mindsetta and listen to Milkshake Radio on your favorite digital streaming services today.