Da Mindsetta – Like Mee

Da Mindsetta is back on the scene with a new song: Like MEE.

July 2021 – Some artists are always able to keep their music fresh and interesting, trying new ideas and showing the world that they can accomplish anything with the right drive. This is definitely the case of Da Mindsetta, an up&coming recording rapper who is quickly making headlines with his music and reaching out to a broader audience. His most recent track, Like MEE, stands out for its excellent production value.

Much like artists such as Lil John, Ludacris, and 2 Chainz, Da Mindsetta takes chances with his music, refusing to get stuck in the usual cliches of the rap genre, and instead opting to expand his vision and take his creativity to a different place with his release. It’s not just music: it’s a state of mind! Like MEE is a perfect example of this, as it really brings a breath of fresh air to the music community as a whole.

Find out more about Da Mindsetta, and do not miss out on Like MEE. This release is now available on some of the best digital music streaming outlets on the web.