D. Renzo – FIRST

D. Renzo introducing new single and music video, “First.”

Straight out of NYC, D. Renzo is an artist and songwriter with a focus on creating music that defies all the rules and genre definitions. His sound is deeply rooted in the world of hip-hop, with influences as diverse as Lil Wayne, Eminem, as well as J Cole, only to name a few.

Although he wears his influences on his sleeves, D. Renzo is far from being someone who simply emulates other rappers. On the contrary, he created a one-of-a-kind sound, and his most recent music video, “First,” is proof. When listening to this song, one question will immediately pop to the top of your head. Why isn’t this artist super-big yet?

The song highlights the artist’s astonishing vocal flow and in-your-face approach. This hip-hop banger is an instant classic, and listeners who enjoy the true spirit of the genre are definitely going to connect with D. Renzo’s sound.

Find out more about this artist, and listen to “First.” Better yet, check out the whole video directly on Youtube!