Crunk Hazards – At The Mall

Crunk Hazards introducing brand new release: At The Mall

Crunk Hazards is a music project on a simple mission: delivering explosive, high-energy and inspiring rap music.

Crunk’s sound is inspired by old school legends like Mos Def, as well as modern icons like Migos, and even T-Pain. What really makes their sound stand out is that there is a strong sense of melodic ability behind this music.

“At The Mall” is more than a well-produced beat. The melodies are quite minimalistic, due to the use of essentially one single sample, but it is still absolutely impressive, and there is really a lot going on under the hood.

“At The Mall” kicks off with a rather minimalistic beat. The snare is crunchy and direct and the low end is powerful and present. This instrumental song has a really excellent groove, which keeps getting more complex as the song moves along. The hi-hats kick in, making for a really unique feel.

Check out Crunk Hazards and listen to “At The Mall” as well as other releases from this talented music project