Crecia – Empathy

Crecia: back on the scene with a brand new single, Empathy.

Crecia is a singer and songwriter with a passion for creative electronic instrumentals and beautiful R&B elements. The artist’s most recent release, “Empathy,” is actually a really great example of what the audience can expect in terms of creativity and vision.

This talented Dallas artist always sets the bar higher in terms of excellence, and “Empathy” is no exception to the rule. The track combines exciting synth-based melodies with cool trap-inspired beats, and with a great vocal line that has a modern R&B flavor. Fans of artists as diverse as Lauryn Hill, as well as Billy Eilish and XXXTENTACION are going to appreciate the combination of modern elements and old-school settings. The most distinctive feature of this song, besides Crecia’s amazing voice, is definitely the fact that the melodies are mellow and atmospheric, contrasting beautiful with the beat, which actually brings more energy to the whole song, enhancing the creative concept of this release.

Learn more about Crecia, and check out “Empathy” on Spotify.