Cory C-Dot Johnson & 8 More – Feed Me To The Wolves

Cory C-Dot Johnson and 8 more join forces on brand new release, “Feed Me To The Wolves.”

Cory C-Dot Johnson and 8 More came together to bring a brand new musical collaboration to light. Their latest single, ‘Feed Me To The Wolves,” is a quintessential hip-hop banger, which combines old school elements with some tasty modern influences. The track sets a huge milestone for these two artists, and it showcases their amazing chemistry as performers.

In addition to the deep and textural beats and the lush instrumentals, the song also strikes for its vocal arrangements. From witty verses, to melodic hooks with a lot of layers, anything is possible on this release.

The song was also released in tandem with a music video, which is available on YouTube. The clip provides a perfect visual match for the song’s energetic attitude and the honesty of the lyrics.

Listen to “Feed Me To The Wolves” and support these two talented artists