Cloak the Scribe – Wake Up

Wake Up Cover

Cloak The Scribe, formally known as “DaCloak” is an explosive Christian Hip-Hop artist who brings to us ‘Wake Up’.

Stepping into the music industry in 2004, Cloak The Scribe stunned Chicago’s Legendary Hip-Hop community with his truthful and charismatic flow. Cloak extensively cultivated his lyricism,spending countless hours songwriting, free-styling, and participating in battle raps and impromptu ciphers. Looking back on his journey to becoming one of Chicago’s greatest Christian MC’s Cloak says, “When first coming into hip hop I had no idea I would want to speak from a biblical world view.” But after being inspired by a spiritual brother in the faith he began to realize that God was calling him to be a poet and lyricist. For all music and business inquiries