Claire B. Donzet – You are


Claire B. Donzet (full name Claire Bitumba-Donzet) is a Gospel singer, songwriter and composer born in Democratic Republic of Congo. She grew up in France and lived there until the age of 19 years old before moving to England in 2006. She received this gift from God to touch people through music and it has been a passion since she was a child. Claire has been ministering in many churches and been involved in praise worship teams for many years. She is influenced by diverse type of music from African music to Hip hop and RnB.

‘I am very pleased and proud to release my first Gospel single on the market and hope that people who will be listening will be blessed and also for some find God’s comfort.’

Claire B. Donzet is a dedicated young lady and has passion for music in which she also find her refuge. Her new single ‘You are’ has been released online worldwide on the 25th of March 2015. The single will be available on iTunes, Google play, Amazon, Spotify and so on. An acoustic version will be release later on the same music platforms.

”Sometimes you ask yourself where my help will come from, and you remember that God is there even if you can go through many situations, challenges…”

The song ‘You are’ is a praise to God in which many people will relate as it talks about how people think when everything is going wrong. As Christians, we know and we should be able to remember that God is present when we are in need.

The single has been produced by Kevin Ellis, songwriter and producer. “Working with Kevin has been a real pleasure and look forward to finalise my album” The album release will be announce later this year.