Chris Knight – 2 Zanz

Chris Knight – 2 Zanz:

When you need an example on how to meet goals and take yourself to the next level, direct your attention to Mr. Chris Knight to see how it’s done. Chris is an American recording artist, entrepreneur, and songwriter, who was born and raised in Orlando, Fl. This Florida native remains steadfast to his endeavors.

Although he has performed up for headliners like 2 Chainz, Lil Uzi, Lil Yachty, Machine Gun Kelly, Future, and more, Chris continues to build his library for his fans.
I’ve learned to experience the music and culture and embrace it what come naturally, Organically that is when it’s real. Hip-hop is always evolving in my career and it keeps me focused. My unique sound and winning spirit has to take me to the top!”

Recently, after relocating back to Orlando, Chris has been in the studio non-stop and has released 4 singles on iTunes.

Chris Knight has the complete formula in how to make money while working on his music. W.T.T. aka”Way Too Turnt” is his brand, and its meaning is; to go as hard as you can or to maximize your potential in any aspect of life.

“I go as hard as I can due to my passion for the music, relationships, setting and accomplishing a goal.” says Chris.