Chile Colorado – Money On The Run

Chile Colorado releases new single, “Money On The Run.”

Some artists are all about blurring the lines between different genres and ideas, approaching their music with a very refreshing blend of energy and creativity. This is most definitely the case of Chile Colorado, a rock band with a timeless sound. Their most recent release, “Money On The Run,” is actually a great example. Their music makes me think of some of the most celebrated pioneers of the genre, including ZZ Top, T-Rex, and Meat Loaf. However, there is something truly special about the vocal delivery of this band, with a very theatrical style, which adds more dimensionality to the story.

This song tells the story of Las Vegas excess, with parties, spending, and living the high-life! The song features some amazing guitar riffs, and I love the combination of massive rock tones with cool electronic effects and unique vibes, giving the listening experience a very unique feel.

If you are a fan of classic rock, with a more modern feel, you’ll love this particular release.

Find out more about Chili Colorado, and listen to “Money On The Run,” which is currently available on the web