ChicagoVega feat Cool Gotti – SHAQ & PHIL

ChicagoVega feat Cool Gotti - SHAQ & PHIL

ChicagoVega has recently released a brand new single: SHAQ & PHIL (Featuring Cool Gotti)

October 2021 – ChicagoVega is a rap artist from Miami. He recently released a fantastic new project titled SHAQ & PHIL, which also features Cool Gotti. This particular new chapter in the artist’s career stands out as a fantastic testament to what ChicagoVega can accomplish, going for an incredibly diverse and one-of-a-kind feel that knows no boundaries in terms of exploring new creative ideas and going for a much more honest and spontaneous feel.

ChicagoVega’s work, especially SHAQ & PHIL, should most definitely be something for you to enjoy, especially if you do like the sound and feel of artists such as NAS, 2Pac Shakur, and Jay Z, only to mention a few. The production quality is nothing short of extraordinary, and the overall vibe of this release is incredibly genuine, especially if you consider the fact that this release sounds like a labor of love, a result of so much passion and dedication from an artist who loves to share his music with the world and channel his creativity for a broad audience.

Find out more about ChicagoVega, and listen to SHAQ & PHIL, which stands out as a truly remarkable example of what you can expect from this amazingly talented studio artist.