Cheezy – Landlord Business

Cheezy - Landlord Business

Cheezy is back on the scene with a brand new single release, Landlord Business.

May 2020 – Cheezy is a very innovative hip-hop artist based in Mississippi. His sound captures the warmth and edge of the southern feel, but there is also a lot more to it than that. In fact, he also has a more contemporary approach to the genre, going for a more immediate and genuine sound that sets the bar higher.

Fans of artists as diverse as Lil Wayne, Joey Bada$$ or Pimp C are definitely going to connect with Cheezy’s brand new single release, “Landlord Business.” The track packs an enormous punch, with a massive beat and a truly authentic sound that never ceases to impress. This song is energetic and upfront, but Cheezy is also able to bring a lot of melody to his sound, going for a truly special production flair that makes the song stand out.

Do not miss out on this exciting new release, and find out more about Cheezy and his music. This release is currently available on the web’s best music streaming platforms.