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It is June 21st, 2014 and Chase Aaron, singer and founder of group collective WTF, has caught the attention of the Inland Empire’s Hip Hop and R&B lovers with his single Radio. Now that the word is out and the point is made, Chase announces that he has his second single Power on standby, ready to release to the world. The track serves as a second sample of what is to come from his upcoming album XXI, which is set for a release date of December 12th.

“The album is a recollection of my own experiences throughout the past year leading up to my twenty-first birthday.” says Chase, explaining the reasoning behind the album’s title and release date. The twenty year old artist has been traveling throughout Southern California playing shows with fellow SoCal indie artists, raising the awareness for his #TeamChase fan base. “I want to show people that I am here. They need to know that I have a loyal following and that we’d love them to join us.” he states. Power is expected to drop in early November.


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