Charles V. Rox Vaccaro – Se Te Ne Vai

Charles V. Rox Vaccaro excited to present his new single, ‘Se Te Ne Vai’

Charles V. Rox Vaccaro, is a singer songwriter and rock guitarist from Montreal. His passion for music started as far as he could remember. In the mid 80’s he was one of the founding members of the rock band LIPSTIK, managed by none other than Whitney Houston (Nippy Management Inc). The band gained national and international notoriety, and was featured in magazines, radio and television. In early 90’s there was a drastic shift in the music scene and the members of LIPSTIK went their separate ways. The heartfelt passion Charles has for his music comes from his skilled musicianship and the way he writes the storyline. “ Sometimes it could be just the love for those three chords, or an inspiring story with the endless variations that an artist can use to narrate it”. Throughout his life and extensive music career, Charles had experienced some really interesting events and has been writing and performing several songs for his solo projects and also for other talented artists. After a short hiatus from the entertainment industry, he recently has released several songs with his producer Peter Ranallo, and video director Marco Iammatteo. Charles was a nominee for the Singer/Songwriter category for the 2020 HMMA’s Hollywood Music in Media Award for 2020. He is currently working on his catalogue.