Candance Woodson – Trying To Be Perfect (Review)

October 2022 – Candace Woodson has recently released a brand new single: “Trying To Be Perfect”

This release is a perfect portrait of Candace’s wonderful vocal style. Her soulfulness comes through in every word she utters, and the dynamics of her singing are very wide. From sultry and soft-spoken verses, down to energetic hooks, she’s able to do it all.

“Trying To Be Perfect” shines for its amazing instrumental arrangement, but it’s Candace’s vocal style that makes the song all the more engaging and easy to relate to. Candace is a true artist; the kind of songwriter who is deeply connected with her music and lyrics. As a result of such a genuine connection, people can also feel a stronger bond with her and her songs.

“Trying To Be Perfect” is an amazing calling card for the artist with a lot to say, and a constant desire to share her music with the world.

“Trying To Be Perfect” is highly recommended to fans of R&B, pop, soul, and more.

Find out more about Candace Woodson’s amazing blend of contemporary music, and check out “Trying To Be Perfect”. This release is currently available online.