BukekaStyle – Neo Soul

BukekaStyle - Neo Soul


Bukeka Style –  Neo Soul:


Soaring with her newest album and sound she is reincarnating “Just like the Phoenix”

Kansas City, KS – May 15, 2017 – Guiding Starz, Kansas City’s Entertainment Public Relations and Marketing Company is announcing the debut EP for BukekaStyle, formally known as just Bukeka. She has been performing jazz music for nearly twenty years. She comes to Guiding Starz ready to rebrand herself and her music from a jazz/soul artist to a neo-soul/R&B artist.

This EP is laced with meaningful yet fun lyrics that intertwined with infectious rhythms. The whole album is a completely new sound for the artist.  The album will be released later this month.

Guiding Starz LLC is an Entertainment/Public Relations Company based in Lawrence, KS. Although based in Lawrence, the company serves talent from all over the state of Kansas. The company is building a roster of new and seasoned artist. “It has been a pleasure writing and working with BukekaStyle who is well established in her own right. Now she’s reemerging as a new creation; stepping out of the flame as the title track Just like the Phoenix embodies. I, for one, am so very honored to be part of this transformation,” says TL Jones, CEO of Guiding Starz LLC.

BukekaStyle says “Guiding Starz LLC is a breath of fresh air when it comes to giving local artist a new platform to be recognized. TL is a very creative, energetic, and a talented songwriter herself. I’m looking forward to a positive and profitable relationship.”

The “Just like the Phoenix” EP will be available on most online platforms within the next couple of weeks.