BON – Carolina

BON - Carolina

BON presents: Carolina

June 2021 – BON is a charismatic artist and songwriter based in Tembisa, South Africa. Her sound is dynamic and charismatic, with a magical approach to melody, which makes her music all the more special and intuitive. The artist’s most recent studio release, Carolina, is actually a great example of just how easy it is for her to create a genuine connection with her audience and make quality music that stands out from the get-go. The song combines larger-than-life House influences with an AfroBeat touch. The production is truly on point, but more importantly BON is an amazing entertainer who really knows how to set the bar higher and provide a fun and amazing listening experience to her fans.

If you regularly like to listen to artists such as Kanye West, Drake or WundaBeat, this one is most definitely going to be something for you to consider. BON is a once-in-a-generation voice, and her music should definitely be on your radar!

Find out more about BON’s music, and do not miss out on Carolina especially, which is going to be available on the web’s best digital streaming platforms.