Bo Islandboy Dilly – Nothing 2 Something

Bo Islandboy Dilly releasing new music video for “Nothing 2 Something.”

Bo Islandboy Dilly is an artist with a focus on creating innovative hip-hop music with a twist. Recently, Bo released a brand new single titled “Nothing 2 Something,” which is a rather unique take on the modern state of the genre, along with a personal twist. The song also comes with a matching music video, which combines cool visuals with a cinematic flair that suits the song’s pace and attitude. The song is also going to be featured on a new mixtape titled “18”, which also features a lot more music from Bo Islandboy Dilly. The production on “Nothing 2 Something” is quite dense, with many exciting sounds helping the rapper tell a powerful story with his lyrical narrative.

The vocal flow is energetic and direct, hitting the beat with a very in-your-face vibe. Bo isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, and the outspoken nature of his music is definitely one of its main sources of appeal.

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