Blew Kash – Love Vibes

Blew Kash - Love Vibes

Blew Kash introducing new studio release, Love Vibes

October 2020 – One of the most amazing perks of reviewing music is seeing how an artist evolves and finds his/her voice. In this case, Blew Kash has showcased a remarkable ability to evolve and develop his sound over time, going for a more personal and direct tone with every release. The artist managed indeed to swiftly refine his songwriting skills, discovering a rich and detailed set of nuances, adding depth to his music. Blew Kash’s most recent release, Love vibes, stands as a strong testament of what we are saying.

This release is delightful and cohesive, highlighting the artist’s ability to incorporate various influences into his music, including trap, modern hip-hop, and more. Love vibes is going to make you very happy if you are a fan of artists like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Drake, only to mention but a few. With such a combination of great production and world-class musicianship, this one right here is truly a no-brainer!

Find out more about Blew Kash and do not miss out on Love vibes, which is currently available on the web.