Black Baethoven – Outside the Lines

Black Baethoven - Outside the Lines

Black Baethoven is taking a stand with his new album “Outside the Lines”.

Black Baethoven is a rap artist hailing from Richmond, Virginia, who is now based in Shenzhen, China.

The artist has just dropped his fresh album “Outside the Lines”, which offers a fresh take on the hip-hop sound that we all know and love. Black Baethoven is an innovator and a pioneer, and as a rising international star, he has offered something entirely new to his fans with his distinctive voice and incredible production.

In his new album, Black Baethoven delves into intimate moments in his childhood, loss and pain, and the highs and lows of creating a career in the music industry. There is something for everyone to connect to in this new album. This lyrical composition is authentic and down-to-earth, and the production aesthetic is balanced and contemporary. This production highlights the artist’s raw creativity, poignant vocals, and impressive versatility.

The artist’s style recalls the likes of D’Angelo, Anderson .Paak, and Kendrick Lamar, to mention but a few acts. However, Black Baethoven isn’t just a performer. He also produced seven of the beats on the record and mixed and mastered the entire album.

Check out Black Baethoven’s new album, “Outside the Lines” on Spotify now.