Big Caz – Real 1 in the sky

Introducing Big Caz, and his brand new studio release: Real 1 in the Sky

October 2020 – Big Caz is a rap artist who recently released a new song, “Real 1 in the Sky.” What makes his music special is definitely the fact that he brings melody and groove to the audience, combining hip-hop with 90s-inspired soul. The song has a raw and gritty production, which makes it all the more honest and direct. The vocal ad-libs are also perfectly placed, giving the song more edgy and some deeper dynamics. The choruses are very melodic, creating a nice sharp contrast with the rap-driven verses.

The spoken word segments and the news clips add to the meaning of the song, which could be seen as a tribute to Nipsey Hussle, a rapper who tragically passed away due to violence in the streets of Los Angeles. This song is a powerful reflection of identity, life and legacy, and the message is clear: it doesn’t matter what our color is or who we are. We are all the same!

If you like artists like Big L, as well as DMX, Tupac or Biggie Smalls, this one is definitely going to be something for you.