Big Caz – Do My Thang Ft. Nipsey Hussle

Big Caz introducing a new release: Do My Thang (featuring Nipsey Hussle )

November 2020 – Rap music is like an open canvas, and if you keep an equally open mind as an artist, anything can happen. This is definitely the case of Big Caz, who struck up an amazing collaboration with Nipsey Hussle in order to create a catchy single titled “Do My Thang.” The chemistry between these two artists is completely undeniable, and as a result, “Do My Thang” is an inspiring song that showcases some parallels with Big Caz’s own experiences through life.

Making music and focusing on his rap career on a more serious basis was an amazing opportunity for the artist to stay out of trouble and follow his dreams. This song is a hard-hitting reminder that succeeding is all down to the strength of your spirit, and your ability to set your mind so that you can overcome any curveball that life throws at you. In addition to that, “Do My Thang” is just an amazing song, the kind that will make you want to turn the volume up.

Find out more about Big Caz and Nipsey Hussle, and do not miss out on “Do My Thang,” which is currently available on Youtube, and elsewhere on the web.