Introducing Benny S

Benny S

Something in store for every music lover. Here arrives Benny S, the popular musician. Benny S is the talk of the nation for his extra ordinary and creative music approach. He has been known for the popular numbers such as Victim of Da Game (#9 song on the Euro Indie Music Charts for 2016), Earn What I Got, In Ur Eyes, etc Benny has recently sealed a deal with Da Tribe Inc/Sugo Music Group/Sony Music. He has also created a remarkable song, “Trust aka KCCO” in tribute to his favourite app The Chive. A way of life… not just an app. Benny S has been living music for a decade and discovered his passion way back, which he is now dedicated to let the world know about. The fan following has grown tremendously and his social media [@BennySings] is watching him closely. He has over 363k music views on reverbnation. He was also chosen as one of the 3% of independent artists to get his own Pandora Radio station where he is already at 1,000,000 spins. With more than 1/4 million of those belonging to “In Ur Eyes”. Benny S has restarted his journey joining the local hip hop group known as “Da Tribe” and accomplished this due to continuous grind and soulful music. A great musician always carries unconditional love for the arts and songwriting, which takes him far. The undying love for music keeps the fire burning that’s exactly what Benny S Music is all about. That’s exactly when a star is born and a soul gets the reason to live.