Benji-Time – GT Baby

ArtistRack brings to you GT Baby by Benji-Time:

Benji is an up&coming rap artist from GeorgeTown, Florida. Inspired by artists as diverse as DMX, Lil Wayne or 2Pac Shakur, Benji is quickly growing a dedicated fanbase, due to his sharp approach to lyrics, quick-witted rhymes and forward-thinking production values.

Benji has been making his own rhymes ever since he was only 12, and eventually, he took full control over his sound, since he records and mixes his own tracks by himself, with one goal in mind: showing the world what he is all about and proving that dreams to come true, even when you are straight outta the ghetto!

The rapper recently released a brand new single titled “Time”, which is also available on Youtube, with a dope matching video that adds to the aesthetics and vibes of the song.
This release is a great example of Benji’s signature lyrical flow, as he can fire up words with a unique twist, locking in perfectly with the groove of the beat.