Bec Caruana – Til’ We’re Naked

Artistrack brings to you ‘Til’ We’re Naked’ by Bec Caruana

ADULT CONTEMPORARY/BALLAD/SOUL Bec Caruana is a Multi-Platinum awarded songwriter, and no stranger to the airwaves. You may remember BJ Caruana of the 2002 pop hit “Dance All Night”(Warner Music Aust).

Til’ We’re Naked, was originally written & recorded in 2018, I played it to my publisher who flipped and pitched it to a few heavy weight adult contemporary artists. The song was placed on hold by a couple of well known artists. However in the end they felt the lyrics were too risque for their audience. These women were big 90’s R&B Stars and now they are family women, Mums…..well so am I. I thought this song was too good to be shelved and just because I am a Mum, I mustn’t let that define me, it just adds another layer.

“By releasing this song I want to empower women to be strong & sensual at any age. Remember the way you felt when you felt invincible with a certain someone… a lover.”