A London based rap artist named Bate Nate Hussein, has been in the underground music scene for many years. He’s sold over 40,000 units worldwide via online digital stores and the street team whom travel across the Uk and Europe. Also worked with the late Tupac Shakurs’ Outlaws and is still currently involved with them alongside YSL (Young Successful Living/ Young Stoner Nation)
Counting over one million plays in YouTube and free mixtape downloads, it’s now time for this young thug star to rise up! With his distinctive sound, raw lyrics and no nonsense attitude in and outside of music Bate Nate is s character worth watching and listening to.

Nate is an abbreviation of the word Nature. Which his mum named him after a difficult birth where she nearly lost her life. Nate derived from Nate’s peers in his hood. They added it into Nate because of his attitude. Bait is slang meaning a way of living and acting with no care. Hussein is from being a Muslim which has now been to changed to the initial H.

Born and bred in East London by Trinidadian parents.

Tupac Shakur & Outlaws / DMX / Michael Jackson / Rakim / cameo / Isle Brothers were all big musical influences when growing up.

Michael Jacksons Bad / Thriller and Off the Wall. Tupacs Makaveli / All Eyez on Me and Thuglife Vol1 were some of my first hiphop albums.

Jackovelli 2 and Slime Season 4 are out now!!! Outlaws x3 is on ITunes.

A dream collaboration would have to be Metro Boomin, his beats are as unique as Nates sound. When you hear a Metro beat you know it’s him straight away, like wise with Bate Nate H, their distinctive sounds together would make it 100.

Independent mini street tours across the Uk on a monthly basis.

The response from his fans and the public is the energy that keeps him motivated and going. Some DJs will spin him while others will black ball him due to his free lyrics and mind.

He currently listens to Thugger Thugger, Tupac Shackur and himself.

Plans for 2016 is to keep elevating. “Never be content, the ambitious will always want more!” – Bate Nate H

The difference with Bate Nate H is he interacts with us fans in a I’ve to one basis. Everyday he’s independently pit in a different town or city selling his music. Everything from the product making to the distribution of hard copy units is fine by hundred. Self employed and self motivated.

Google / YouTube / Soundcloud / Instagram are some of the social medias you can find him under Bate Nate H.

His next project is dedicate to the late Hussein Fatal from the Outlaws. This is to honor the unconditional love he showed Bate Nate.
“Shout Out to
Young Noble
EDI Mean
Dolly if YSL
Little Duke and all the slimes and thugs” – Bate Nate H