BANQ are D.ROSE are back with a new release: Smoke One

November 2021 – Rap artist BANQ joined forces with D.ROSE in order to release a fantastic brand new single titled Smoke One. This fantastic song feels like an amazing step forward for the artist, who is increasingly becoming more personal and direct in terms of songwriting excellence and compositional standards alike. Although originally from Chicago, IL, BANQ has recently relocated to Edmonton, Canada, so he decided to start collaborating with some talented local artists as a way to set the bar higher and truly challenge himself in terms of genre definitions and sonic aesthetics, not to mention start building new connections in a new, exciting local music scene. With singles like Smoke One, BANQ is certainly going to get people to notice him locally, and beyond. His collaboration with D.ROSE is truly spot on and the chemistry on this track is absolutely undeniable. You can’t go wrong with such world class production aesthetics and the great tones fueling this new awesome studio work.

Learn more about BANQ and do not miss out on his most recent single, Smoke One, featuring D.ROSE.