B.I.G. Fella – Quiet As Kept

B.I.G. Fella releases new song, Quiet As Kept.”

B.I.G. Fella is a rap artist hailing from Washington DC. He burst out onto the scene with a one-of-a-kind sound, notable for his ability to combine old-school hip-hop influences with modern ideas and a personal twist. Recently, B.I.G. set out to release a brand new song titled “Quiet As Kept.” The track also has a companion videoclip (directed and filmed by Rhythm & Sound films), giving the audience a perfect visual elements that makes the music even more relatable and engaging. “Quiet As Kept” has a 90s style production, which reminds of East Coast legends such as Wu Tang Clan, or A Tribe Called Quest.

The drums have a more organic sound, and the samples in the background add some edgy melodies that suit the fast-paced lyrical flow of the song. This song brings back that unmistakable golden age sound, in such a way that it doesn’t just feel nostalgic, but also powerful and fierce.

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