Avra Bnerjee – Vrindavan Sojourn

Artistrack brings to you ‘Vrindavan Sojourn’ by Avra Bnerjee

Composer & Sarod player Avra Banerjee presents this Global Music project featuring 22 artists from multiple geographies with a compilation of 4 unique compositions in an album called “Manoyatri”. These compositions take you through a divine and contemplative spiritual journey of different experiences that of wisdom, timelessness, serenity, realisation, love, connections, and synchronicity establishing a sense of ultimate peace and euphoria. Firmly rooted in the earthy tones of Hindustani Classical Music, this musical tree branches out into the genres of contemporary and World music. Very unconventional and intricate rhythmic time cycles like 9/4, 11/4, 13/4 and 15/4 with typical and complicated rhythmic divisions are applied on these tracks.
Vrindavan Sojourn is the 2nd release of the album “Manoyatri” and is composed with a mix of various scales/modes, and progressive Indian Classical fusion changing transitioning through contemporary jazz. The dynamics of the melody and rhythm, transitions smoothly in between various time cycles from 11-beat, 12 beat and 8-beat cycles, bringing the much desired diversity in the composition.