Avion Blackstone – Queen of Dark Pop


Avion Blackstone is a bright light in the world of dark pop. Born to a conservative family, Avion grew up with first hand experience of gender, age, and religious inequality. A poet and pianist, she began writing music at the tender age of 3. Her style is a unique pairing of big pop sound with layers of meaningful lyrics. Obsessed with symbolism, Avion writes music as metaphors for life, gender and sex issues, and world events.

Although Avion would not describe her music as unique, but rather a representation of herself as an artist, industry people are comparing her to unique sound of Lady Gaga. Her songs are refreshing and deep with meaning while the quality of her music is equivalent to that of top tier stars. She credits her perfectionism…her fans credits her talent.

She is currently preparing for the release ‘Anything For Diamonds’ project in the fall/winter of 2014. She resides in Austin TX with her kitten Egypt.

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Mgmt: @RhymeSchemeInc