Arii.Nobreaks – Not Right Now

Arii.Nobreaks - Not Right Now

Arii.NoBreaks is back on the scene with a brand new studio release: Not Right Now

April 2020 – Arri.NoBreaks is an artist and performer based in New York. The Big Apple has always been a true epicenter for great hip-hop music, and Arii is no stranger to great sounds and stunning production aesthetics.

Recently, the artist put out a single titled “Not Right Now,” which sets the bar higher in terms of performance, but also recording quality and punchy mixing. The song has a smooth, yet energetic flow, which gives the sound a more modern feel. Arii.NoBreaks also added some dashes of R&B to the mix, making the sound all the more interesting and insightful.

If you enjoy artists like Chris Brown, Mac Miller or Future, then you should definitely check out Not Right Now, because it is the perfect bridge between modern hip-hop and R&B sounds. This is where melody and energy converge together, and the results are absolutely astonishing, going for a driven, forward-thinking feel that will cast Arri.NoBreaks among the hottest promises in the local scene, and beyond!