AR Base – Grievous Words (Press On)

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Grievous Words’ by AR Base taken off ‘Press On’:

“Many times it’s the path that holds our greatest fears that leads to destiny.” –AR Base

Growing up, AR Base came to learn this truth from a very early age. Born as the seventh child, he was often disregarded as the “shy boy.” In school, he struggled to learn new concepts, and it was from this obstacle that he began writing catchy songs as a way to memorize facts. Little did he realize it at the time, but God was already pushing him towards his destiny. By the age of twelve, AR gave his life to Christ, and within just a few years he was forced to overcome his shyness when he risked being kicked out of school to become a high school pastor at the age of fifteen. Within the next year, he started an outreach, and by the age of seventeen he was already working full-time in an evangelical ministry. It was from these humble beginnings that AR learned the value of determination, and pressing on in the face of adversity. It was from this path, that AR Base’s music ministry really began.

Influenced by living in Inglewood, California, AR began to extend his ministry’s vision to be founded in his love for music. It was at this time that he had the privilege of singing behind legends such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Winans, Donnie McClurkin, Shirley Caesar, and Beverly Crawford. He even had the honor of being chosen as backup for the Grammy Award Winning Patti LaBelle. It was an experience in his life that he is tremendously grateful for. Learning behind the greats forever changed and molded AR Base’s own musical stylings to begin combining his R&B roots, flavored with Gospel, while adding a hint of Neo Soul, and a dash of Hip-Hop influences.

Ironically, it was during this time of great musical growth that AR was quietly fighting battles in his personal life. In fact, it was during this challenging period in his life that he wrote the song, “I Need a Miracle Now,” off his album Change My Heart. A heartfelt cry out to God in desperate times, it ministers to the truth of God’s care for our every need, and it quickly rose to become one of the most requested singles. In 2014, AR dropped the album entitled Love Worship, which focused on the power of praise through any of life’s circumstances. It featured, “Praise in the Fire” which went on to be awarded with Akademia’s “Best Gospel Song” in 2015. It was also from this album that his song, “This Bitterness” topped the charts at number three on R&B Hits Radio in Athens, Greece. Come Close was later released in 2016, after joining forces with producer Wow Jones. Featuring the song, “Dream,” AR showcased his personal style of storytelling from the perspective of Joseph to convey the message that even in the midst of our most painful trials, God is there to do “far above what we could ever dare dream of or ask.”

His latest album, Press On, showcases the heart of AR Base’s ministry. “I write my songs for everyone. The downtrodden, people who have fallen or given up. I want them to succeed in every area of their lives,” he explains. It was with this purpose that AR was delighted to collaborate with a multitude of talented artists for the project. Including producers Jason Shepherd and Shawn Hibbler, as well as Floyd “Flip Matrix” Wilcox, who brought his veteran experience from the famed hip-hop community to add a touch of urban flare. Together, Press On was birthed featuring a diverse range of songs inspired by the answers God sent in response to pressures and trials AR was facing at the time. Armed with these answers, AR Base has found that his own path has lead to the very purpose behind his ministry. “It is important to be still in the midst of trouble…for when we are still, we can walk on water and discern the tough choices that lead to our promised land.”