Angie Beck & Chris Walker – The Eyes of The Child

Angie Beck & Chris Walker - The Eyes of The Child

Angie Beck & Chris Walker releasing new touching project, “The Eyes of The Child.”

Angie Beck & Chris Walker joined their creative forces to create powerful, catchy and appealing music. More importantly, their gospel tunes have a powerful meaning, as these talented artists do whatever they can to make a positive impact on their community and on the world at large. Their most recent release, “The Eyes of The Child” is actually a perfect example. Angie and Chris wrote this song in order to help the Crown Council of Ethiopia. They support Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie’s initiative to fight waterborne disease in the country, and elsewhere on Earth!

“The Eyes of The Child” is a great example of the potential of art and innovation to collide. When technology and music team up, many amazing things are possible. In addition to the remarkable cause driving this release, this song is actually really catchy and memorable. It stands out for its hopeful spirit and catchy melodies!

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